Black and Gold Home Decor Accents

 Hey girl! Its ten past zero hour, are you ready for the Getaway..


‘Oooh! I love your dress’


No! don’t.

Put your best foot forward.. 

Don’t forget to carry some money(and your mobile phone)

One last sprinkle of Parfum 


Come On! He is here..

Be safe! 

One final indulgence.. 

gold and black , one of the deadliest and boldest of color combination. Both these colors complement each other with both enhancing the capacity of the other. And if your home has the amalgamation of these two colors, then you know the story would be loud, clear and extra amazing.

We are almost to the end of our ‘Gold & Silver’ theme, but this would been incomplete without talking about these two colors in combination…


|1| |2| |13| |14|

We women seem to relate naturally to gold and black combo; the Greek style mirror is all set to tell you that you are prettiest of them all. And when the dress is so elegant, how can the hanger and the hook stay behind for a li’l show-off.

|3| |4| |15|

We’ve used this absolutely spectacular photograph of rocks as our wallpaper and hung two fun wall-hangings with text- a little white breaks away from the darkness.

|5| |6| |7|

Sit down for a while from the daily hustle bustle of life- on your kingly chair with fluffy cushion and rest your feet on the royal ottoman.

|8| |9| |10| |11|

The black nightstand with gold legs are minimalistic in approach, yet it doesn’t undermine its effect and so does the floor lamp. The black and gold bowl is bold enough to stand alone. Completing the look are the golden cheetah carpet and the gold and black finished umbrella holder.

Though not many of us would choose to use gold and black all around our home, with their tendency to look darker. There can always be a corner or a space to deck objects in these color combination. These colors needn’t have that serious, professional outlook as there are number of quirky gold & black home-decor accents available out there- which is coming-up in our next post and the last of gold & black series. Hope you enjoyed.

A penny for your thoughts!

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