Graphics and Illustrations on wall!

Your wall at home is basically your canvas. what you put up there, can be a reflection of what/who you are. So, be careful what you hang on your walls. First you need to understand what it is and not something that you don’t at all relate to. That said, it also has to be in sync with your decor otherwise at home. Also, pick unique things that leave people awed and inspired.  Today we’ve interiors with enhanced beauty with amazing illustrations on wall which are unique, queer and inspiring.

This, as can be guessed from the colors and decor looks like a girl’s room. How full of positive energies are these side profile illustrations of two girls, hung on the wall.

Have you ever considered using your fonts like this?

How about a collage of your fave graphics on the same wall?

How lovely are these pop of colors and sunshine in this living room, with an equally queer wall hangings.

And here again..

This can be great valentine day inspiration..

The large movie posters as they are is also a good decorating with graphics option, You just need to find your fave movie’s poster!!

To have an inspiring poster/graphics/text in your study area whether home or office is very imperative. One look at them and you’d know you’ve keep going, doing to get where you want to.

Another way to do it is this- animal illustrations can be very powerful!

And if you don’t like much rush, simple text graphics can be your cup of tea. Hang relevant texts wherever you like. Kitchens are one such place which can be decorated with beautiful food quotes.

The world of graphics and how it can be done is very vast. So it basically comes down to an individual style and likes. Just choose what you like and it can never go wrong!!

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