Use of 3D/ embossed/ carved type on home accents!

If you want it power packed- emboss it! things become valuable or catch more attention when they become three-dimensional. Whether you emboss, etch, carve or sculpt- the new language is definitely more impressive. And when our type cases take this form, they become an imperative element of their respective product’s design. Today, we’ve lined up twelve such products, in various materials speaking different languages with their style and type. Love them as we do!!

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Embossed 3D Type on Ceramics

Ceramics/Porcelain are versatile materials with one but many scopes for a newer, more fresh line of products every time. But only a versatile, talented few could think of ‘type’ & word carvings on these beautiful home accents!

|5| |6| |7| |8|

3D Font on Accent Furniture

How about a going back to kindergarten days with these 3D fonts/type on furnitures?

|9| |10| |11| |12|

3D Type on All Things Brown

You can go creative with your house numbers(9). You can revise your A,B,C, while having your first cuppa in the morning(10). Creative cork ampersand coaster(11).

These types, fonts, words seem like a motif to their designers and beautifully crafted on these daily home products.


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