Where there were no cushions, no decoratives, there were flowers. And they are still here, forever here to stay. Nothing compares to their beauty; plus they are natural. We all agree that a room decorated with flowers look bright and feel fresh.  Since spring has already sprung, its but obvious that we can’t move forward without talking about these natural beauties. Flowers are blooming everywhere, go on pluck your fave(from your own garden of course) and decorate them in anything that comes handy to you. Glass bottles, jars, vases, old tea cups, vintage galvanized watering cans, or just whatever. If you manage to get a good bunch, they’ll look good in anything!

Today, we’ve lined up inspirations for the same- and flowers will be our inspiration till the end of our theme ‘It’s a Spring thing’.

|1| Don’t like your old vase, wrap around with jute string, wool or whatever you like and Voila!

|2| Always handy- pickle, jam jars!

|3| Water jugs- sometimes we’ve a few that we don’t use- they become the best vases for these beautiful flowers.

|4| How about a li’l embellishment for that hideous jar. Old sweater sleeves, hand knitted sock- they work great for hiding out the ugliness. Even if not, try these covers for a unique look.

|5| Now these are not at all difficult to find, unpaired teacups and saucers make the best for an amazing flower arrangement, especially on that breakfast table.

|6| Color code those bottles, arrange them together at one place- makes for a great bunch!

|7| Flower power- flowers would make even your old vase look awesome!

|8| Now that’s what we call a perfect bunch. Glass bottles, tide with a string, kept together holding different flowers. Perfect if you don’t have a large enough vase.

|9| We tend to replace our old stuffs with new  colorful ones. But as they say old is gold, holds so true when we see this old galvanized watering can. We all have or had this once!

|10| Scotch glasses-You can even use your leftover glass collection for this purpose. Place a few pebbles on these transparent glasses to hold the stems better.

Use whatever you may want, don’t plan much, these flowers will inspire you to bring out the beauty in just about anything. They would not only decorate your home, they would re-energize and revitalize your mind and soul too!


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