freedom song

Wire Bird Cages as Home Decor Accents!

Where the sound of your flutter

Is a freedom song

That, hand in hand, we all sing along

Where you are out of your captives

And the cages are mere decoratives

Li’l birdies, is the kind of the world

You do belong!

These lines were written just like that long back! And today when we are doing a round up on these beautiful bird cages, these very lines have all the more meaning to us. We are doing this post not to encourage keeping birds or other animals as captives in a cage. We are doing this post to encourage creation of more and more such beautiful cages, but only as home decor accents. And once we have it, we can either leave them empty or use them for other purposes around home. But don’t stop buying them- they are so pretty!!

vintage bird cages

|1| |2| |3|

Anything vintage hardly fails to impress us.

bird cages with birds on top

|4| |5| |6|

Bird cages look good with little birdies on top.

green and blue distressed bird cages

|7| |8| |9|

How about adding a little color to them, solid or distressed however you like it.

At medesignwe, we can never endorse birds or any other animals being kept captive. We believe when you cage something, it is no more your pet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have these bird cages. They work extremely well as home decor accents especially in your garden area. Any takers?

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