hey girl you are not a flower but a mystical forest for flowers are just soft and beautiful. But you are full of elements, mysteries, and stuffs- capacity & capability unmeasurable & intangible

We think when we see you lie on a floral couch looking into eternity that you are an emotional fool when you are actually drawing out ways to live all yours dreams…

We find your home decorated with flowers and floral prints, we wonder ‘what’s the big deal- she is meant for all that’! What we miss is your power to keep those flowers fresh forever. 

You simplify your work by being so organised and to ease the pressure by making your work place too look like a garden!! 


We think we can fool you by calling you a wonder woman, when you are actually helping us keep ourself together and have a GOOD life in this world.

We extend a helping hand to paint the home for you, you prefer ‘thanks but no thanks’.

We see you through a glass of pink and red.. what we don’t know is that you see us through black & white.

We assume you are all about shoes, bags and silhouettes because we can’t imagine what silhouettes can sew, only a few of us can do..

We hypothesize your heels would get you somewhere near us! Not realizing that you’ll make us stammer as even your heels can hammer. 

You could build a beautiful home in our greasy garage. 

You carry inside of you a vast world we can’t touch. You have love and compassion like flowers on one hand but stand firm like a tree’s bark when it comes to protecting your loved ones.

We compare you to flowers, yes we do, for you are petite and pretty. We forget to go beyond that, we forget to go deep.. the more we try the more unfathomable you become.. you then intimidate us, you definitely overwhelm us, because then we know you are not just a bunch of petals but a wholesome forest.

What are you..we’ve never known and we can never as it needs a heart like yours to comprehend you.. which we’ll never have.. Hey girl!

A penny for your thoughts!

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