Edra's Cipria Sofa- comfortable & fluffy!

Ever had the experience at the end of a hectic day, you are oh! so tired that you'd drop and doze off on your bed or couch! The experience this sofa would give will be slightly different though. Whether tired or not, you'd definitely want to hop on and the cipria sofa would lovingly take you. It's not just comfort we are talking about here, it is the great looks as well. Don't be surprised if your guests are not sitting on it for a moment, they would probably be grasping it's unique design before they sit and never want to get off!!

There is one in black, without compromising on fluffiness though!

The multicolored jig!

And the pink fluff for lovers of pinks and hearts.

There is one for everyone, the only point of doubt is that you might feel intimidated by it in the first instance when you bring it home and jealous when the sofa gets all the attention!!

What an Offbeat Idea!

Reminds of the Luxe Fur stool we spotted last year!

A penny for your thoughts!

All images: Stylepark

Official Website for Cipria Sofa: Edra

Dramatic photomontage: medesignwe

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