Replica Design Nautical Chrome Spot Floor Lamp Searchlight

Our quench of being different when it comes to decorating home is easily satisfied these days with numerous accents available online. They not only make our homes look different from others, they also keep us excited. Boring, same looking homes are soon a passe- makeovers are happening everywhere. One such area is lighting, our living rooms with accent walls on one side needn’t necessary have those same looking lamps put on two corners. It’s time for a little thinking. With this awesome nautical floor lamp available at, the thinking will not be much. Go on get it and we promise it won’t fail you.

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More Info

Available at :

Priced at : INR 4300/- 

Color/Finish : Chrome or Silver Finish

Material : Aluminium and wood

Why we chose what we showcased?

For very obvious reasons, our floor lamps at home need a quick replacement

Our rating : 4 Chevrons ^^^^

Final words, RHD says: Go for it.

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