Kitchen Accessories- Orange and Green

Holiday mood on- Shop Chop! 

still in the holiday mood after yesterday(independence day) Well good, because we are going shopping today. With freedom from prices everywhere and discounts raining, let’s add a little beauty to our home. Gone are the days when our kitchen used to have simple steel, aluminum finished products with no ‘good looks’ factor and just a boring dutiful usability. Now we have beauty with purpose and cooking is no more boring. Bring home beautiful kitchen accessories- make life easier and kitchen beautiful. Start with one if you want or just have a look!

Going with the mood- we have rounded-up orange and green kitchen accents…

Weigh your ingredients- key to great cooking!

|1| Mastrad Electronic Backlit Kitchen Scale Orange– Cooking is fun, we are always on the lookout for trying more and more new dishes, our tongue has become experimental. We look for the recipes of these new dishes on internet or recipe books. They always provide weight measurements, a key to great cooking.. for all these reasons, a scale is a must for your kitchen. How about this cute orange scale. It can weigh up to 5 kgs at a time.

Our old manual juicer just got hippier!

|2| Chef’n Juicester Citrus Juicer Orange– Most of us have food processors which are efficient in most of the things- chopping, grinding, kneading, juicing. But nothing beats the manual juicer especially when it comes to orange. It is non-stick and dishwasher safe. This orange orange juicer is a great option.

Grab those silicone baking golves!

|3| Bakewell Oven Glove– Yes, cakes we bake, but there is more to baking these days. We have ovens or microwave-ovens for a lot of cooking solutions and experiments. A baking glove is a must to protect your hand from getting direct contact with hot surfaces. The silicone material makes completely heat-resistant. We have selected orange for our round-up, there are other colors and variations available.

A complete product- this ladle!

|4| Wonderchef Quattro Ladle– This silicone ladle is completely worth its price. Its a great cook and serve addition to your kitchen ware. More so for the great versatility of the product- Its safe for all your appliances- from microwave, dish washer, oven, to freezer and OTG.

Upgrade to foodgrade cuttnig board!

|5| Trudeau Cutting Board White & Orange– This white and orange food grade plastic material is a big yes if  you want a healthy cutting of your fruits and vegetables. An added advantage is that its easy to clean and durable.

Semi-circle pot drainer!

|6| Trudeau Pot Drainer Orange– This dishwasher safe pot drainer is a great option especially if draining hot stuffs. Made from 100% food grade material, its semi-circle shape makes it easy to see food from one side and holding above the pan from one side.

Ice-tray for your next summer party!

|7| Fred & Friends Drink Savers Life Ring Ice Tray– take a break from the boring ice trays and square shaped ice. Why not bring this ring ice tray- it comes in saffron color and is made up of silicone rubber. Its a great choice for those summer party cool drinks.

A fine peeler!

|8| Mastrad Elios Julienne Peeler Orange- This beautiful piece is ideal for peeling larger vegetables. Its silicone handle works a good grip and it features a fine  stainless steel blade.

Three measuring boats!

|9| Tescoma Presto Measuring Boats Orange Set of Three– These measuring boats are good to go for measuring those loose substances or liquids. These dishwasher safe boats measure from 50ml to 250ml is ideal for daily use.

Add a little Zest!

|10| Chef’n Palm Zester Grater White & Orange– This non-stick palm grater is ideal for grating lemon or orange zest for your cool drinks or while cooking. It is completely dishwasher safe.

An innovative chopping board!

|11| Joseph Joseph Chopping Board– This amazing cutting board is a must must have for everyone. It is practically solving three or more of kitchen solutions. Sturdy- its great for chopping; has a drawer built-in to scrape off either cut veggies/ fruits or the waste matter- spill proof tidy cutting exercise. The drawer can be completely pulled out. Third, it can work as a great storage option for your knives too.

Colorful nesting spoons!

|12| Chef’n Sleekstor Nesting Spoons Green & White– Show off these sleek nesting spoons perfect for spice jars. Made out of food grade plastic, they are non-stick and freezer and dishwasher safe.

Great garlic rocker!

|13| Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker- Very innovative product and ideal for those of you who don’t like to touch garlic while chopping as it leaves its smell on your hands. Simply by placing it on peeled garlic and a slight pressure downwards, the chopped garlic pieces get collected and just need to be scraped to your container.


|14| Joseph Joseph Smasher Green -Ideal spring-smashing for all your mashing solutions. Smoothen your mashed-potatoes with this easy to use smasher. Made out of Polypropylene and stainless Steel, it will be  perfect addition to your kitchen.

The dual purpose whisk!

|15| Joseph Joseph Dual Whisk– Just like the innovative design of the chopper this whisk is no less for the dual purpose it serves. First the flat brisks can help in mixing sauces etc, while cooking. the  silicone coated stainless steel is  ideal for non-stick cook wares. Secondly, with a slight twist on the handle , it gets converted to a normal balloon whisk for eggs etc. Moreover, all the parts are removable for easy cleaning.

Tong tong!

|16| Trudeau Cooking Tong Green– now change that old tong of yours. we’ve this beautiful green tong for all kinds of cooking problems, be it while baking or for those chapattis.

Morning tea!

|17| Mastrad Tea Infuser & Sprinkler Green– This one is a must for all you tea lovers. The silicone handle for a perfect hand-grip and stainless steel strainer makes it durable.

Hang those on the hook!

|18| Mastrad Suction Hook Green– A great product for places where you don’t want to mess with nails and hooks as it can grip to any non-porous surface. Though this is meant for bathrooms, it can be perfect for kitchen for hanging hand cloth, mittens, etc as well.

Only one left!

|19| Tescoma Presto Wood Stirring Spoon Green– Many reasons why you must get this strirring spoon. For one, its perfect for all kinds of cooking especially for non-stick cook wares. Second, the wood is high grade beech wood and the handle is made out of silicone for that perfect grip. And lastly for its price. The only sad part is that only one is left. Grab now!

Drying mats for your glasses!

|20| Make My Day Glass Drying Mat Lime– Do you hate the water-ring marks your glasses leave after you wash them and leave for drying? well, now they have found a solution for us. this glass drying mat works perfect for this purpose. can be used on table top, these mats are dishwasher safe.

Hope you enjoyed the useful-cum attractive kitchen accents and this inspires you to deck-up your kitchen. Kitchen which is an integral part of your home, needs to look as good as other rooms of your home. And these accents can be a great start. For more of modern kitchen tools, click HERE.

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