diwali- Indian new year is not just a festival for us. It’s about wholesome freshness of all sorts. From cleaning, replacing old stuffs to refurbishing, re-furnishing. From holiday mood, family time to lighting, decorating- it’s about all of these!! Market is afloat with beautiful danglings, glitters, knick knacks, lights, colorful papers during this time.

Since our ongoing theme is Geometric Tricks, we thought how about a few ideas you can use this time to deck up your home.

Mercury dangling, you can either make a bunch using a cord our tie these in intervals.

These faceted wood balls can be made to float around your water candle bowl.

These are actually necklace beads, but who said you can’t use them as you like it!! Using a thread you can create a banner like decoration for your door.

This was spotted as a wedding decoration but again good to go for any festive mood.

We loved this illusion decor, this is Artecnica Themis Mono Mobile available here.

These black and white geometric danglers can be replaced with their colorful counterparts this Diwali!

Loving these geometric candles too..

The forever green triangle banners are our fave and can be easily DIY-ed. Here’s how.

How about an intricate geometric design for your rangoli this Diwali!!

Have a geometrically gorgeous Diwali everyone!

A penny for your thoughts!


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