there are some ideas where after seeing it you wonder- ‘oh! why didn’t i think of that??’. And then there are some where we say to our self- ‘I could’ve never thought of that’. These creative bunch never cease to amaze us. And one such person that we came across(only virtually) ~via~ PASSION SHAKE is a textile designer from Netherland- Mae Engelgeer!

When you see her online shop– you’ll not find hundreds of options, full of collections. But that’s exactly what she does- her less is so more. Each and every product seems to be made with so much love that you would want to get one of each.


These are so pleasing to look at; imagine what wonder they would do to a home. The fabric feel is also exclusively taken care of.

And the best about all this is the fact that she ships to India too!! Yay!!

To go to her shop Click HERE.

A penny for your thoughts!


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