freedom- we’ve all been arguing since many years, what’s an individual’s idea of freedom. And everyone is opinionated(& that’s great). But what we were wondering today was something else.

We were thinking what if we were never colonized by some other country?? What if we were always on our own?? Would that make us what we are, would that make a country of pupils looking for the meaning of freedom?? What about those countries who were never colonized? Do they too look for their own understanding of what freedom means.

We are celebrating India’s Independence day on 15th of August from British colonization about 68 years ago. But today, we use that day as an opportunity to go beyond that. We want freedom of enslaved minds. We want better future for children. We want cleaner environment, we want greener forests. We want freedom from all sorts of crimes & atrocities against women & children. We now associate freedom with all these things, we are a pedestal up.

This day brings upfront the symbolization of freedom. And this symbolization is very strong. Every colonized country characterizes with the colors of their flags on their Independence Day, and so do we. Saffron(orange), White and Green together make that representation of freedom for us.

A penny for your thoughts!

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