Silver home decor accents

Gold or silver?!

We feel, using silver color in comparison to gold around home is a lot easier. All of us already have silver colored accents in our homes, we just want to bring in your attention to the gorgeous silver-wares once again. They are capable of decking up any place with different materials, textures and colors.

Selection of sparkling silver, just for you!

We’ve rounded-up a collection of 20 silver decor items for all places of your home- be it your living room, home office, bedroom or even dining room. Not all of them come in shiny white finishes; there are black metal finishes too, so you can choose whichever finish you are comfortable  with.

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Choose one, choose all!

Aren’t these sheer beauties, I mean how are we supposed to choose one or two from them. You pick one and you are urged to pick all. The silver globe(1) is to die for and the metal sheet silver closet(2), what would you like to keep in it? We are also loving the antique finish table lamp(4). The matte finish plain trays(9) can never go out of fashion and how about pretty lighting options(8)??

|11| |12| |13| |14| |15| |16| |17| |18| |19| |20|

All form, no function!

The best part about silver is that it can be picked just on the basis of its looks and needn’t always be of some use. To be decorated at our favorite places around home. We love the finish the pear(18) has. Also going ga ga over the silver antelope head(13) and the bright silver handmade shell(16). Old world feel of silver canisters, bowls and vases.

Silver – from a different angle!

Which ones are your favorites here? Do you have silver around your home, have you tried looking at it/them from a different perspective off late??

Retain oxidation or bring back the sheen!

Silver reacts to oxygen, i.e. its oxidizes when exposed to air. Some like the finish it gives, some like to retain its finish. Here is a link with tips to help keep its sheen.

Hope you enjoyed the post and would share your silver experiences with us.


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