Mix of Old and New at Home Office

we’ve always emphasized on having a separate place for study at home. Even if you don’t require home office- it’s good to have a different space. Whether you are a writer, designer, poet, a marketing professional or anything other profession- a study area gives room for extra concentration and creativity. And it has to be an interesting space where you want to spend a good amount of time. All this is not possible without integrating it in sync with your home decor and also bringing in some interesting elements to it. We all  have a mix of old and new furniture at our home. How about deliberately decking up home office in this theme?? That’s exactly what we’ve lined up today- a mélange of old and new!

|1| Create an arbitrary look- with a mix of vintage and new. Whites work great in these- where they seem to bring everything at peace with each other.

|2| The yellow chair gives a sudden cool effect to the room otherwise in grayish tones.

|3| Leather chair, old wooden desk, modern photography and other elements make this study space a true ‘mixed bag’.

|4| |5|

A little opposite effect here in a similar way- old paintings photographs on the wall with modern chair and lamps- both table and ceiling.


|6| Old desk, books and carpets- Verner Panton Chair (white) and floor lamp make for an ever inviting work space.

|7| Again a Verner Panton Chair(Black) on a brick wall background with an industrial animal face on the wall- taking on vintage with a new perspective.

|8| |9|

Mostly old and distressed look with small moderns elements here and there.

|10| Simply loving this space mostly for its just by the natural light. Whenever bored, you can stroll out. Loving the phone, the small drawers and of course the table and the chair.

|11| In love with this vintage-modern mess.

|12| The only thing the we can spot here modern is the table lamp, can you spot more elements??

|13| A home office by the fireplace- what else do you ask for on such wintery days?

|14| A dash of colors is never bad for your home office inspiration.

|15| A serene, cozy space- ‘quite like home’ look!!

|16| How about a mix of modern-classic chairs for your home round-table conferences??

|17| Who said classic and modern can’t meet- create this space in your bedroom!

|18| A smaller space or…

|19| A royal treatment while at work for those great ideas.

|20| Flow Chair by Jean Marie Massaud steals the show- getting a modern-classic look just by introducing a modern chair to the space is easy to do!!

An amalgamation of modern-classic at a study space works as an inspiration too- keep old thoughts intact while working on new ideas!!

A penny for your thoughts!


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