taking a cue from yesterday, we thought why not do a full round-up of kids’ room interior today. We have picked rooms with a  smaller element-‘rug’ as a common in all the ten interiors.  A bright rug can make a whole lot of difference especially when used in a kid’s room. 

Single color usage on most of the elements

|1| A bright blue color is used to accentuate everything in this room, from frames to chairs to rack to bed throw to the wardrobe all in the same hue of blue. Its a boys room with blue as the dominant and favorite color.  Two kinds of rugs are placed, one a normal three colored striped rug near the chair and the other car shaped smaller rug is placed before the storage rack. A neutral color floor helps accentuate a rug.

Colors on upholsters

|2| Here patterns of color are used, lots of color into one with straight line stripes and circle-stripes. In this girls room , the color of the wall is kept pale green in contrast with other bright colors.The similar kind of colorful treatment is meted out to the rug but is balanced by white base.

Bright unisex room

|3| This room has natural light coming in through a window and the brightness of the room is increased by the use of bright colors like lime green and yellow. This seems like unisex room, good for both boys and girls alike. The brightness is balanced with the use of beige for flooring and other colors in stripes on the rug.

Colors & wood finish

|4| Very nicely done room with the use of indigo and purple. The shades are contrasted with lighter wood finish in the furniture and a darker tinge on the floor. Seems like a big boys room. rug is breaking away from straight lines and is adding to a little playfulness.

Multi-color- bright and subdued

|5| A multi-colored room with pastel shades of blue, pink and green and bright yellow and red for the bed. Seems like either a twins room or room shared by a girl and a boy. A common study cum play table  is placed in the center of the room on a bright colorful striped rug for those memorable sibling times.

Red & Pink

|6| A rare combination of bold red and bright pink can be seen here in this girls room. The monotony of the color is broken down by a while wardrobe and the mermaid poster above the bed. The placement of bed is next to the window and bed has a privacy factor of its own by headboards on both the ends. A bold pink single seater sofa is placed on a bold-red wall to wall (well almost) rug.

White & Bright

|7| Very creatively done room with white as the main color and the rest of the colors are used here and there telling us that its not necessary that the central color has to be a bright color for the room to look bright and colorful. A few niches has been created on the wall for racks as well as a seating. The study table is in typo A. Notice the use of round purple rug highlighting the study area.

Bold colors

|8| Bright yellow is used on the large portions, that is on the walls and on the floor. The brightness has been brought out by another red polka dot rug and use of slate and light blue colors on the wardrobes.

All girly colors

|9| A very cute abode for a girl with all her favorite colors- red, orange, yellow, violet and pink. A small two story has been created, the upper portion for sleep time and lower portion for day time activities. The wall color is white and so is the floor, with a dark violet rug.

Room perfect

|10| Perfectly balanced room- the colors as you can see are orange on the walls, curtains and throw, blue for almost floor to floor blue rug and whites for the furniture. We can also see green on a cushion and the lamp shade. The wardrobe has a translucent glass for the subtle impact of colorful items inside. The wall has been treated with lots of circle installation.

Hope this round-up was fun, and was able to take you back to your childhood days even if for a while. We live those moments again with our kids and their childhood and ours are the highlights of our life.

Which one of these are your favorite or rather which one was more similar to yours?

A penny for your thoughts!


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