White Linen around home

whites always give a calmer effect, and so they still remain a first choice for many of us especially for our bedrooms. White linens- whether for winters or summers works equally fine. And so white for bedroom can remain a trend throughout the year. Today, we’ve ten such soothing bedroom interiors in bedspreads, curtains, or pillows, they would want you to throw every other color out.. 

Absolutely gorgeous- tall white headboard with three-sized pillows one on top of another. Absolutely gorgeous- tall white headboard with three-sized pillows one on top of another. 

Though this is a winter scene, it doesn’t look less inviting for summers. Instead of quilt we can have a light linen throw & we can replace the wood logs with fresh flower pots.

Embroidered white pillows & woven headboards are all making a come-back. 

What we are loving here are the never-ending white curtains.

Can it get more cozier??

And it can be simple yet comfy too.

Though this image was about the long lumbar pillow, but we loved the whole room(still in the making) of whites. (check lumbar pillows DIY here)

Simply loving the backdrop as headspace of a white spread linen on the bed.

Gray and white are famous as a pair. See how the room has angular orientations.

Who doesn’t love bright natural light streaming in.. +white reflects more brightness!!

Now, what do have to say to this kind of inspiration? 

A penny for your thoughts!

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